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Congratulations to our Director!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We express heartfelt congratulations to our Director, Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul, for her most recent accomplishment - she placed third at the UWI-ROYTEC's inaugural Exceptional Teaching Award. Wendy was one of several nominees who submitted many documents for this award last December, and after months of deliberations, a hybrid event to recognize the top three was held on March 6th.

Nominees were evaluated via five criteria - teaching philosophy, teaching strategies, professional development, leadership in teaching and students' perception of lecturers based on students' evaluations. An esteemed panel of judges including Dr. Anna-May Edwards-Henry, Vice President, Academic Affairs, COSTAATT; Dr. Acolla Lewis-Cameron, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI; Dr. Wanda Chesney, Vice President, Academic Administration, USC; Dr. Betty McDonald, Head, Professional Development Unit, UTT and Mr. Sheldon Salino, Deputy Director, Academic Affairs, CCLCS, reviewed the submissions.

Commenting on her achievement, our ever-thankful Director said she was extremely satisfied with her performance. She also thanked several past students including Shahad Ali, Susan Robertson, Teccla Andrews, Michaela Garcia, Georgia Lanser-West and Khadija Dyer for readily and willingly providing student testimonials at short notice. She also thanked Mrs. Nantricia Ali for the excellent peer review she provided. Finally, she thanked her Subject Head, Dr. Allan McKenzie, and the institution for continuing to support her lecturing efforts.

Our Director receives her third place award from Jacinto Martinez, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sagicor Life Inc.

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