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About Us

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Majic Touch Events & Communications Services  is a young, but strong, company designed to look after all your events, communications and educational needs at affordable rates. 

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the leading provider of innovative event, communication and educational services, setting new industry standards for excellence and affordability.

Our mission is to consistently deliver exceptional services that inspire creativity, empower knowledge and generate success for our clients. We are committed to achieving this by offering high-quality solutions at competitive prices, ensuring the satisfaction of every client we serve.


Our Core Values

  1. Commitment: We are committed to delivering exceptional results and unwavering dedication to our clients and stakeholders.

  2. Honesty: We value honesty and transparency in all our interactions, fostering trust and credibility with everyone we engage.

  3. Uniqueness: Embracing individuality, we celebrate diversity and encourage innovative thinking to bring unique perspectives and solutions.

  4. Dependability: Reliability is at the heart of our operations, and we take pride in being a dependable partner to our customers.

  5. Efficiency: We strive for efficiency in everything we do, ensuring optimal use of resources to achieve the best outcomes.

  6. Qualification: Our team comprises highly qualified professionals who bring expertise and proficiency to every aspect of our work.

  7. Professionalism: We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism in all situations.

  8. Respect: We treat everyone with respect, promoting an inclusive and supportive environment for our team and clients alike.

  9. Creativity: Embracing creativity, we foster an environment that encourages innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

  10. Economy: We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or excellence.

Why Choose Us?

MTE&CS is dedicated to service excellence. We possess a wealth of qualifications and experience in the areas of Project Management, Event Management Studies, Mass Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, Crisis Communications and Higher Learning, all geared towards delivering top-notch services and exceeding client expectations.

We prioritise your business by taking the time to understand your needs, address your challenges and support your goals. We believe in offering value for money and we tailor our services to fit your budget while consistently delivering credible and professional results. MTE&CS doesn't just meet your needs; we elevate your success by understanding your business, tackling your challenges and championing your goals.

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MTE&CS is a specialist events and communications company that offers a plethora of event services to valued clients. We provide event management services to companies from diverse industries and approach every project with meticulous attention to detail. Regardless of the size and scope of your event, we treat your event like a business with clear strategic milestones and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and within budget. Our focus is to align your event objectives with modern concepts to deliver creative and engaging event experiences to your attendees. We furnish all the tools required to ensure your event is a complete and tremendous success, leveraging our expertise in post-event planning and execution.



Communications is the backbone of MTE&CS.  The company has been involved in the communications industry for over twenty years; we have been transferring effective information through Journalism, Public Relations and even Education. We believe that effective communication is not only about exchanging information; instead, it's about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. We have a tendency to believe that effective communication is instinctive; however, our messages can be affected by several different things. These complexities are why employers around the world desire good communication skills, so as to avoid misunderstandings, frustrations and conflicts. We dare say that effective communication requires learning some important and new skills to deepen your connections, build greater trust and respect, improve teamwork and problem-solving with your key stakeholders.  Always remember that  effective communication matters to all stakeholders.


With over a decade of experience in lecturing at both University and College levels, coupled with our leadership in conducting training sessions for diverse companies, we have consistently received excellent reviews. Our educational offerings stem directly from MTE&CS expertise in event and communication services, enabling us to teach and train teams across our entire spectrum of services. Our educational programs are accessible through both in-person and online formats, and we have ready access to suitable venues for both large and small groups


We provide enlightening lectures spanning a diverse range of topics, including:


  • Public Relations (Fundamentals & Advanced)

  • Events Management (All Phases)

  • Journalism

  • Mass Communications

  • Marketing

  • Business Communications (Writing of all business documents)

  • Crisis Prevention, Crisis Management, Crisis Communication, Crisis Evaluation

  • Communication 1 (English Usage)

  • Communication 2 (Business Writing)

  • Communication 3 (Understanding Human Communication)

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