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Majic Touch Events & Communications Services has always prided itself as a company with burning passion and purpose to please all its clients. Judging from our reviews thus far, the company's directorship believes those goals have been achieved.  We could not have done it without you; however, as the company continues to grow, we will not let our guard down because our sole aim is to continue to make our clients happy. 

Events Testimonies:

Caribbean Night 2.jpg
Marcia Manning.jpg

Marcia Manning, Secretariat Manager, ACCP 

On behalf of the Executive and Members of the ACCP, I wish to express our sincere gratitude for your contribution to the success of the just concluded 37th Annual General Meeting and Conference (AGM).

From all reports, participants were very impressed with the organization, creativity and attention to details which were evident in every event they participated in. Your impressive professional must also be mentioned and commended.


Lisa-Ann Kanor-Doublier, Lecturer/Entrepreneur

Congratulations Wendy on the successful coordination of the various events that comprised the ACCP AGM & Conference! Special thanks for making traditional mas a key focal point of the Crème-de-la-Carnival event, and for affording my team and I the opportunity to perform and contribute towards keeping this aspect of our culture alive. Kudos to you, your team, service staff, artistes, sponsors, vendors, participants and all those who contributed to the successful staging of the Conference.

Joan Bacchus-Xavier.jpg

Joan Xavier-Bacchus, Manager, Xavier Strings

Good morning, Wendy! Congratulations on producing such a beautiful Caribbean Gala evening, with such a wide variety of musical expressions. May God continue to bless and keep you in all future endeavours!

2023-01-09 (2).png

Meighan & Antonio Achoy

We want to say hats off to Wendy and her team.  Thank you for all your work.  It was beautifully done. My husband and I are 100% satisfied.  We really appreciate everything that you did for us and everything turned out amazing.


Amadu Wiltshire,

Attorney at Law

I have had the pleasure of being a student of Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul while she lectured at the Colleges of Sciences Technology and The Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago. As my lecturer and mentor in the field of events management, Mrs. Campbell-Paul passed on a wealth of information using many modern techniques to guide me as a former student of hers. The wealth of information which she bought to every class and event allowed her students / mentees to gain critical guidance and effective execution of tasks. I have had the ability to take many of the skills honed by Mrs. Campbell-Paul and I have applied these skills to both my professional and private life. Today, Mrs. Campbell-Paul stands as one of the regions premier communication and events personnel and is an excellent example for all in her field to emulate.


N. Williams,

Human Resource Personnel

I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Wendy in the planning of a wedding.  What I can say is that she is truly a professional and a perfectionist, but not from a negative standpoint.  She is a perfectionist in that she thinks about every detail and she definitely knows how to shop around to get the best deals from vendors.  I was truly amazed and I will be hiring her to plan my wedding.

bride image 1.jpg

Jo-anna, Bride

When I decided to tie the knot, I initially felt that I wanted to plan my own wedding; however, as time progressed, I realized that planning a wedding was no easy task.  I knew Wendy before and I knew she had keen organization skills.  I contacted her to plan my wedding.  She initially said she was very busy, but two days later, she called me and said she would do it, providing that I allowed her to use her own team of people.  I obliged! I dare say, I had no regrets.  All she needed to know was the date and she did the rest.  She got the venue, the caterer, the decorator...everything that I needed for my big day.  What was most interesting was the overall price.  I couldn't ask for a better deal.  Well done, Wendy!!!


Bride & Groom

My husband and I wanted to get married; however, we weren't sure we could have had the type of wedding we wanted for the amount of funds we had.  We shared our problem with our good friend, Jo-anna, who immediately put us onto Wendy.  With six months to go before the wedding, we were amazed at what she was able to do for us.  She organized everything in very quick time because she had her own team of people in place.  This made the entire process relatively easy for her and for us, and in the final analysis, we came out of that wedding feeling happy to know that there are still trustworthy people around.  Wendy did not disappoint us in any way. Thanks Wendy!!! 

Wedding Photos

Kathleen, Bride

One of the things that struck me when we asked Wendy to plan our wedding for us was when she told us that you did not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to have the perfect wedding.  We instantly wondered what she had in mind. She subsequently produced an invoice that had us wondering who these vendors were.  However, we were quite surprised at the quality of all the vendors - from photographer to caterer and including entertainment, etc.  She even took care of the international guests.  She was simply amazing.

Communications & Education Testimonies:

CBTT Image 3.jpg
laurette bristol.jpg

Dr. Laurette Bristol,

Programme Manager, Human Resource Development
CARICOM Secretariat

During my tenure at the UWI-ROYTEC, Mrs. Campbell-Paul was revered by the student body and has been recognised by students as a most effective faculty member, through the high scores she received as a part of the student review process. She gained the respect and love of the students by setting high expectations for academic practices and ensuring that her teaching was responsive and relevant to the needs of the students.
Wendy’s connectivity to the students also extended to her peers. She has always been held in high esteem and was known for her affable spirit, congeniality and willingness to collaborate for maximum mutual benefits. Wendy is soft spoken but her interrogation and critical considerations were always delivered with care and respect, earning her the attention her concerns deserved. More so, she is solution oriented and never brought a problem to my
attention without also providing some options for addressing same.


Georgia West,

Founder, PAZ Coffee & Kitchen

Mrs. Campbell-Paul was one of the first lecturers I had during my tertiary studies and she immediately set a very high standard for teachers to come. Her communication classes were never boring and were extremely practical and relevant to the working world. She provided me with a 'tool kit' of sorts when it came to communication skills, which I was able to use in my professional life as well as my everyday life. I really enjoyed how involved she made her students and encouraged everyone to interact during all of her classes instead of a 'sit and stay quiet approach.' 


Simeon Sealy, MD,

Sealy Investment Group 

Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul is one of the most dedicated and brilliant individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to learn from. She challenges you beyond theory and gives a more practical perspective on marketing concepts and life. Her peaceful and positive energy whilst teaching was a true inspiration. Her questions were specifically designed to force you to think outside the box and in doing so, stimulating your creativity in ways you never thought possible.  I feel honored to have learnt from Wendy Campbell-Paul.


Afiya Tavera Cunningham, Founder, Aspire Agency

The Public Relations course taught by Mrs Wendy Campbell -Paul was the best course I've taken because I enjoy communications and events management. It was very informative and was taught with clarity. I'm grateful that I studied it because it contributes greatly to my current business as a young entrepreneur.

Khadija Dyer.jpg

Khadija Dyer, 

Finance Officer & PR/Communications Officer 

During my one-year PR program, Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul was able to present material in a clear and concise manner. Her delivery of the subject was well articulated, stimulating and interesting, thus ensuring that students understood the material. She was able to develop students' critical thinking ability by continuous assessment and discussions on the topics.  
The classroom was conducive to higher learning since encouragement was given to students to think and express their thoughts. The material was plainly and thoroughly explained. Mrs. Campbell-Paul ensured that students understood the topic at hand, before moving on to a new topic.  As a PR officer, I refer to her teachings and notes occasionally while executing my job. I am now able to train staff members in the field of PR.

cassidy liddlelow.jpg

Cassidy Liddelow,

Executive Secretary

When starting at UWI-ROYTEC, I had high expectations about the standard of education I would receive from its lecturers and how it would enhance what I would’ve gained from Secondary School. I had Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul as a lecturer for my English Usage, Understanding Human Communication and Business Communication courses and those expectations and more were met. Due to her patience, informative lectures, expert communication and listening skills, ability to relate to students and her obvious passion for teaching the courses she did, I refused to register for any English course that she was not teaching that semester. From her classes, I have learned numerous quality skills in the basics of writing essays, memos, business emails, doing presentations, speaking better in standard English, etc, which I have been able to use in the work environment to improve my work etiquette. As I progress in my personal and work life, the teachings of Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul will be engrained in my academic foundation that would ensure its success.

Savita Jhinoo.jpg

Savita Dhalia Jhinoo, Administrative Assistant 1,

Information & Communications Technology Dept., FCB

Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul was my first lecturer at UWI Roytec when I signed up in 2017. I took two of her classes which I thoroughly enjoyed. She first lectured on Business Communications, followed by Human Communications.

Both classes comprised of the fundamentals of communications for everyday interactions and corporate life. Wendy proved to be a very effective communicator, exercising patience, understanding and professionalism in all her interactions. As a group leader, it was my observation that she always took the time to revisit material with her students and explained our shortcomings without making one feel uncomfortable. Papers were always graded and returned on time as promised. Wendy was always available before class commenced and always ended lectures on time, which displayed great respect for her student's time.

She really took the class beyond our own expectations with some 'out of the box' assignments, which really tested limits. Her classes always carried a light, enjoyable mood with near perfect attendance. I recall that the entire class unanimously requested her to lecture us again for the following semester when filling out our evaluation forms.

Wendy will always be remembered for her soft spoken tone and professional disposition. She was admired by all her students as a model lecturer.  A very approachable, modest, kind, knowledgeable and well articulated lady.

Nantricia Ali.jpg

Nantricia Ali, Educator & Entrepreneur

As a marketing lecturer, I worked under Wendy at U.W.I. Roytec whilst she was in the role of Subject Head of the Marketing, Sales and Public Relations faculty.  She exercises a leadership style which is characterized by patience, confidence, empathy, accessibility, commitment and passion. She shows the courage to recognize achievements when it is well-deserved and consistently kept the team up to date and motivated so my job of teaching and managing the cohorts was well informed making the educational journey that much more smooth and enjoyable.

I remember when we had to address the concerns of a student who was struggling to complete the requirements of a course I taught. Wendy left no stone unturned in her investigation to uncover the root of the issue always inclining to give the student the benefit of the doubt. In the end, all efforts were made to professionally advise the student and to guide her towards a win-win outcome. Noteworthy in her analysis of and decision making in the situation was her insistence to uphold the integrity of the institution and its processes and at the same time to aid the student as far as possible within these parameters. 

Without a doubt her penchant to nurture her learners towards academic excellence naturally diffuses into her role as a department leader without ever compromising professionalism or the high standards of the department. Wendy has a great personal style which makes her easy to work with in a way which motivates you to pursue and achieve excellence. A not easily rattled, gentle, giant leader who aims for the highest standards of excellence in all her pursuits and very often achieves them. If you are looking for a caring and calming educational services provider, who will ensure the provision of the level of educational support which will exceed your expectations and propel you to excellence, then your search ends with Wendy Campbell-Paul.

Shahad Ali.jpg

Shahad Ali, Public Relations, Marketing & Media Professional 

I am firstly a science-based student. I believe in objectivity! However, I always knew that human thought and expression deserved its own level of validity. I soon realized that I had a passion for communications, but it was difficult finding an academic course to steer me in the right direction. Roytec offered a Diploma in Public Relations and Wendy was our lead lecturer.
I was amazed and wowed by the content delivered to us. Wendy not only taught us the concepts and core tenets of Public Relations, but also fit them into the local landscape, She showed us how to apply the knowledge in a practical manner to yield the results that may be demanded of us by future clients. As a student who had a passion for objectivity, I saw truth in Public Relations and its importance in the business environment.

Wendy understands strategic communication tactics that can persuade, encourage, and motivate your audience to increase sales, visibility, and engagement. Wendy can assess the local mindset within a community, a county, a region, or an entire nation in order to address matters of controversy and crisis. She can speak with conviction, with or without emotion, to deliver the core point of your message to your target audience."
Thank you Wendy for teaching and inspiring me to move forward with a change in my career! Today, I am now the Public Relations Officer of a multi-national company gaining additional experience to bolster my portfolio. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and imparting crucial knowledge towards my development.

Errol Harper, Retired Inspector of Police, TTPS

I have known Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul for the past twenty years.  During that time, she served as a Communications Consultant in the police service, as a consequence of which, I had ample opportunity to observe her general character.

Wendy displayed exemplary leadership qualities and was well-regarded by her superiors, peers, subordinates and members of the public with whom she interacted.   She possesses excellent written and oral communication skills.  In general, she has enjoyed a harmonious relationship with colleagues while maintaining high work standards in the area of communication.

She is an intelligent, knowledgeable, totally reliable and trustworthy person  whose integrity and interest in the affairs of the organisation stand out lucidly.  Her character and work ethics are above reproach, and indeed, efficiency and effectiveness are her watchwords.

niesha nicholas.jpg

Niesha Nicholas,

Entrepreneur & Part-Time Teacher

I met Mrs. Campbell-Paul in 2017 during a partnership programme between the Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre (TTIFC) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA).  During this partnership, I was fortunate to learn some soft skills in preparation for Global Business Services.  One of those soft skills was Business Writing which was facilitated by Mrs. Campbell-Paul; she accomplished this task with such grace and professionalism.

Her teaching skills on the topic of Business Writing made a significant difference to my writing skills, and from then to now, I’ve seen a 70% increase in quote requests from customers, which in my mind, is quite remarkable.  Prior to meeting Mrs. Campbell-Paul, business writing was a daunting task for me. I did not know where to begin or what questions to ask and supervisors never seemed to follow through when we wrote them to provide information to departments or customers.

The best part of this short and joint programme was that I could completely provide understandable and effective memos for departments; these memos represented heads of departments and by extension our company in a professional manner with our clients.

In closing, the course covered a lot of information and was delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.  Moreover, the class was interactive and feedback was always forthcoming.  The structure was clear, logical and effective and I subsequently gained confidence to implement new techniques, and not just learn “how” to write, but “what” and “why” to write also became much clearer.  Kudos to you Mrs. Campbell-Paul.

Kyra Arthur.jpg

Kyra Arthur, Coordinator of Employer Services Career Development and Employment Centre University of New Brunswick, Canada.

I attended UWI-Roytec in 2015-2018. This is where I met the lovely Mrs. Wendy Campbell-Paul. She was my Marketing teacher in 2017 and at first I was intimidated by her strong spirit. However, I quickly grew to admire the way she taught. She was always very cool, calm and collected. She led her classes by example. Her explanations were always clear and she made sure that our learning was optimized. After, my many questions and her great patience, I got one of my best grades in her class. She is not only a great teacher, she is also a person that I think highly of and respect.

Leane Rogers-Alfonso.jpg

Leane Rogers-Alfonso,

Public Relations Officer

Wendy Campbell-Paul is very knowledgeable in the field of Public Relations. Her expertise renders her to be very thorough with practical examples of how situations should be dealt with when encountered. She is very patient and engaging with her students. Her teachings laid a great foundation for my career.

cindy glodon.jpg

Cindy Glodon,

Accounting Tech, National Gas Company

Under the tutelage of Mrs. Campbell-Paul, I was introduced to the exciting and dynamic world of Public Relations. With her years of experience and educational background, she was able to nurture and guide me in this 
challenging but rewarding field of public communications.

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