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Crisis Corporate Training Workshop

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

We recently concluded a two-day corporate training workshop event entitled - "Reputation Matters: Preventing, Responding To & Evaluating a Crisis".

The workshop was designed for law enforcement officers of varying ranks from the Port-of-Spain Division and was held in the precincts of the Riverside Plaza building. It was facilitated by our Director, Wendy Campbell-Paul. On completion, law enforcement officers received Certificates of Participation.

The planning committee comprised our Director, Senior Superintendent Terrence Nobbee, acting Superintendent. Karen Lancaster-Ellis, ASP Bhagwandeen and WPC Walcott. The committee decided to soften the training atmosphere so officer Walcott incorporated a beautiful matte and chrome organic balloon decor featuring lime green, blue and white balloons.

We are firm in our belief that evaluation of performance is great for business development; hence, we sought the views of the participants through feedback forms. The following is an analysis of their views:

  1. Facilitator was engaging - 93.3% strongly agree; 6.7% agree

  2. Course objectives were met - 86.7% strongly agree; 13.3% agree

  3. Content was organized and easy to follow - 80% strongly agree; 20% agree

  4. Facilitator was well-prepared and able to answer any questions - 93.3% strongly agree; 6.7% agree

  5. Presentation materials were relevant - 86.7% strongly agree; 13.3% agree

  6. The exercises/role plays were helpful and relevant - 80% strongly agree; 20% agree

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