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Choosing the right centerpieces for your event tables

Ever sat at a table and couldn't see the person you were speaking to? Or, was the centerpiece so large that it was very distracting, and was it so small that it looked out of place? Finding the right size centerpiece is key to a beautiful and pragmatic event table setting.


Tip: Depending on the type of centerpiece and the size of your table, go for a centerpiece that is 12 inches and under or 24 inches and over because you do not want to block your attendees' views or have them stretching their necks to see across their respective tables.


Larger centerpieces work better for large tables and smaller ones are much better for smaller tables. Tip#2: You can also combine tall and short centerpieces for added effects. Tall centerpieces make the venue more elegant and the shorter ones are excellent for accommodating conversations.


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