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MTE&CS's Path to Teaching

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Many would agree the education sector is not that financially rewarding; therefore, you probably want to know why this is one of the major services we offer and how we arrived there. It seems that company Director, Wendy Campbell-Paul, was predestined to teach because from an early age, when people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response would always be: "I want to be a teacher".  A few years later, she made several career choices, all of which are connected to teaching.  Let us explain how we got into the field of educating people.

Firstly, we have been in the field of Media & Public Relations for over twenty years.  These two fields are all intertwined with educating people about global happenings and company happenings respectively. We must say this experience, one which we absolutely love, started quite by accident. One day in 1992, Mrs. Campbell-Paul was walking along Frederick Street in Port of Spain, when a stranger approached her and said, "You look like a media woman".  At that time, and believe it or not, the word "media" meant nothing to her, but she did know about the existence of radio and television.  The man, who turned out to be Roy Watts (now deceased), subsequently gave her his contact information; she went home, discussed it with her relatives, and decided to take up the challenge.

Mrs. Campbell-Paul began to work at Mr. Watts' establishment, "Media Network Limited", as a production assistant, a position that allowed her to produce and direct local programs, all with the intention of educating the public on various development in sports, education and the arts.  The stint at this establishment prepared her for the mainstream media, where she spent approximately 11 active years in the print and electronic sections.  There, she educated the public on many essential issues ranging from sports to court, crime and even investigations on high-profiled matters.

Our departure from the Media into PR and individual Teaching

In 2007, the constant reporting of negative news led Mrs. Campbell-Paul to take an exit from active journalism and to enter the field of Public Relations, which has its main focus on positive news about organizations.  The Ministry of National Security offered her a Media/PR job at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.  She knew this new task was going to be extremely challenging, but she loves challenges, and so, she accepted.  There, she educated the public on several developments in this establishment.  

At this juncture, she was nearing the completion of her undergrad degree in Journalism and Public Relations, and about two months after she officially completed, one of the department heads at COSTAATT asked her to lecture the Strategic PR course.   Stunned, yet excited, she accepted this opportunity even as she prepared to start her Masters degree.  Unfortunately, the demand was too much and she eventually settled for her Media/PR job and completing her Masters, which she finished in July 2009.  As an independent consultant, she continued to provide Media/PR services, but she missed the one-on-one teaching.

Consequently, she continued to discreetly search for teaching opportunities; it came in August, 2010, when she answered an advertisement from UWI/Roytec.  She officially began part-time lecturing with this institution in September, 2010, and up to the time of writing, she is still there, while conducting her independent business. Thus far, the journey has been rewarding for her chiefly because, unlike the Media and PR where educating is not very personal, she is now able to teach on a more personal level which allows her to relate to her students in a more effective manner.

We call this overall outcome a perfect example of the self-fulfilling prophecy, 

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