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Our Director presents Valentine's Day contest winners with gift vouchers

Our Director brought smiles to the faces of Jassodra Rampersad Ramsingh, David-Lee Skinner-Ballantyne and Querida Telesford when she formally presented them with their gift vouchers following their participation in our inaugural Valentine's Day Giveaway Contest entitled: "Guess the Song; Describe Your Most Romantic Date". The prize presentation took place on February 19, at the popular Trincity Mall.

Several citizens of Trinidad & Tobago took part in the contest; however, it was Ramsingh, Skinner-Ballantyne and Telesford who emerged victorious. The song, which tested entrants' patience and knowledge is called "With All My Heart" by Kenneth H. Williams featuring Robbie Brown. The competition was promoted for eight days on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The winners received a two-day voucher for two at the eco-friendly treehouse, La Vapeur Estate, while the second place winner received an open voucher at The Beauty & Body Spa and the third place winner received a gift voucher for a manicure and pedicure, also at The Beauty & Body Spa.

We congratulate all winners and we look forward to having you enter future contests.

Commenting on the contest, our Director said: "Corporate Social Responsibility means a lot to us during this ongoing pandemic; therefore, we felt it was necessary to stage this contest during the days leading up to Valentine's Day so that we can make at least three people happy. From all the feedback, we can safely say that we did.

She continued: "We wished we could have given vouchers to all entrants; however, this was impossible, but as we continue to grow, we will be in a much better position to have larger giveaways. Therefore, we urge all our supporters to continue to rally around us".

Below are images from the prize presentation.

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