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Meeting the demands of the balloon decoration trend

The popularity of balloon decorations continues to rise in Trinidad and Tobago; consequently, our Director felt it was necessary to meet the demands of clients' wishes.

Therefore, our Director decided to get over her fears of balloons and certify herself in balloon decorations. This accomplishment occurred earlier today at the CTS School of Business & Computer Science Limited, Montrose, Chaguanas. The course was facilitated by the experienced Sangeeta Guptar of Designer Balloons & Events.

"I have always been afraid of the popping sounds of balloons; therefore, I stayed as far away from them as possible. However, within recent times, clients and potential clients have been asking us for balloon decorations. Consequently, to meet this demand, I felt it was best to get certified in this type of décor", our Director said, adding: "Sangeeta administered the course well, the session was very interactive and it was quite easy to follow". Thanks to Sangeeta, Matthew Christian and the CTS team for a job well done.

This certification in balloon decoration has given our Director and the company the confidence to take on the balloon decoration industry. We look forward to using this new knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

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