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Majic Touch Events & Communications services is all about planning and forecasting the future with imagination, wisdom and creativity. We are also a principled company that values its clients' beliefs.  To this end, our client's perceptions of us, will definitely dictate our guiding principles to determine if we are on the right track to fulfilling our vision and mission.  

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Our Vision:

To be an exemplary company that instills creative, knowledgeable and financially rewarding event, communication and educational services to all our clients. 

Our Mission:

Once our company has been engaged, we intend to deliver high quality events, communications and educational services to our clients at affordable prices. 

Our Core Values:

  • Committed

  • Honest

  • Unique

  • Dependable

  • Efficient

  • Qualified

  • Professional

  • Respectful

  • Creative

  • Economical

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